#56 A Murderer’s Art

by Kilayla Pilon

“Marcel?” Called a young, blonde haired female as quietly as she could, creeping through the creaking old home. It had been many days since she had seen the youngest sibling of the Torentino family. The last she had heard was that the young boy was going to paint again, something he did frequently to help him cope with their mother’s unsolved murder.

A small scoffing laugh echoed through the corridor and Danielle turned around in surprise to see a thin, frail looking boy with shaggy brown hair standing behind her with the widest of grins. ”You are quite pathetic my sister.” He laughed with a twitch of his fingers. “I can hear your footsteps a mile away!” Marcel smiled as he spoke, his teeth showing in his grin. It was rare for the young boy to ever actually smile and it was gone almost moments after appearing, but Danielle was glad that he had.

“Have you finished the painting?” Danielle asked curiously, loosening her grip on the oil lantern in her hand.

“Yes! Yes I have my sister!” Cheerily said the boy, moving his hands to expose the picture that looked like he had painted in a fueled rage. The Italian boy had always been quite the artist but never had she seen him paint this way.

Taking a step away from her brother, Danielle frowned and stuttered. “W-what is it?” She asked with hesitance.

“It represents how I killed Mama and how I will kill you, too.”

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Sam Knight said...

I always love a good murder. You did a nice job giving the characters unique voices.