#55 Road Trip

by Sandra Cormier

The wind carried an extra dose of sulphuric stink from the paper mill the day Jean-Claude Bernard decided to kidnap his best friend Alphonse.

As he trudged to the end of the back lane, he took special care with his footing in half-melted chunks of dirty ice. He skirted a snow bank and stared out at the bay. When he glimpsed a cavorting pair of humpbacks on the steel grey water, he grinned, feeling the cold air on his bare gums.

His smile turned to a grimace when a sharp pain invaded his hip, shooting down his leg. He leaned on his cane and attempted to shake out the bee-stings of age. Everything hurt these days; he was lucky to get out of bed, much less hike fifty yards behind his house.

Busting Alphie out of the nursing home wouldn’t be easy either, but he figured he’d have no trouble talking the boys into helping. Trouble was, Alphie might not even know his friends. His memory had cracked, leaving brief flashes of colour behind the shards.

Not long ago, it was no big deal rising at four in the morning for their yearly pilgrimage to Montreal to take in a Habs game. Would this be so different? Perhaps a glimpse of the old bleu, blanc et rouge would bring a smile to Alphie’s face.

After the breakout, they’d need to steal a car big enough to accommodate Bert’s oxygen tank.

Jean-Claude grinned again and picked up his pace. Road trip.


scribbleandedit.blogspot.co.uk said...

Absolutely love this. Great story and use of theme.

Sam Knight said...

I love the idea. Grumpy old men take a road trip. This would make a great expanded story.

Flutterby said...

This is great. I'm with Sam in that this would also make a fun longer story about the excitement that ensued. Good job!

Unknown said...

Wonderful wonderful piece! <3

Sarah Hina said...

I loved this very much.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Ha! Fun that the kidnapping turns out to be a good thing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jade said...

Love it. Road trip! I especially like he grinned, feeling the cold air on his bare gums. And I agree with Sarah L.---I was glad it turned out to be a 'happy kidnapping,' and how well you've laid out the obstacles to victory.