#48 The Question of God

by John L. Thompson

“Is there a God?”

He did not know how to respond, the question reverted to memory. He had thought on the subject before and had come to no real conclusion. There were too many dangers hidden here at present. “It is possible.”

She moved through the dark tunnel playing as she went, as most eight year olds would do. Occasionally, she would pick up a rusted chunk of metal or a strand of colorful wire then quickly lose interest and discard it. “Mother said there was a God.”

The question was stored for later processing. “Your mother was wise.” He watched the girl jump off a wooden crate and into a large puddle of water. “Please be careful, there are dangers.”

“I don‘t see those mean monsters.”

He knew of the dangers of this world. The Unseen had come from the stars and destroyed everything earth held of life and Anna was the last human. His scans told him this. “We must remain silent now.”

She pursed her lips, looking at him with narrowed eyes. He was to protect her as he was programmed but he had no idea how he could complete this command.

From the shadows, a quick flash and a moment later he was leaking hydraulic fluid from his mid section.

“Anna, I see God.”

She ran to him. “Really?”

He held her, knowing it was close. “Yes, I believe He is waiting for us.”

At least he hoped that God would take in a faulty automaton.


Sam Knight said...

What a great apocalyptic story! So many issues addressed in such a short time. Maybe it's just me, but I was touched by the end.

Jade said...

You've packed lots of compelling story in a small space; I'm intrigued to know more about this world John. I really like the small touches, e.g. the girl in the tunnel plucking rusted chunk of metal or a strand of colorful wire .