#37 Barmaid

by Christopher Mitchell

A lot of fun this is. I plan a little together time with him and what happens? The guys show up ready to party. And do they invite me? No. I’m left here with the doofus dishwasher while they go upstairs to get filled and flirt with girls. What am I, a thermos?

Damn it, I’m jealous. Upstairs sounds so glamorous. All those fancy people sitting around the bar in their fancy clothes. It’s like they are playing movie roles and I’m the audience. And the drinks! I’d love to try a Mojito and have one of those heavenly guys share it.

God, it’s hot in here. I’m sticky and I smell like last week’s milk. The idiot I’m left with is worse. He eats garlic straight and chases it with vodka. The smell could strip paint from thirty feet and he yells loud enough to make me shake. I want to jump out the window just to get away.

I wonder I could find my way up there? Here comes another crew. I’ll see if I can join them. Nobody will notice an extra. Maybe if I get behind that girl I will take a ride. Bring that a little tray a little closer. Just a little . . .

Ughhh. What did I hit? The lights look kind of funny and Garlic Guy is yelling at somebody. What is that coming toward me? It looks like some kind of straw wall.

Oh, crap. I’ve cracked. I really am glass, after all.


Sam Knight said...

Ha! I really like your Point of View. At first I thought it was a child, left behind with a sitter, but then, I got there. And I liked it.

Another Government Employee said...

Thank you

Jade said...

I like this: What am I, a thermos?, it's just the right clunker metaphor for this point of view. Fun piece!

Clint O. said...

Nice! Extremely clever. The title is perfect. Flash-length is just right for this kind of effect.