#31 Belezza’s Sons and the Fractal Mirror

by Connie J. Jasperson

It is with some trepidation I tell you this tale. I fear you won’t believe me, but remember, you asked.

I’m sure you’ve heard the tale as told by the brothers Grim, and while they tell it beautifully a few fairly substantial parts were left out, and I’d like to clarify those points.

First off, it’s true that the young Princess Belezza, which means Beauty, did have a most jealous and spiteful stepmother, Queen Bruttezza, a sorceress of great ability. We all agree on that.

Also, it’s true when her father died, Belezza was sent away, supposedly to a convent, but in reality she was to be murdered. Queen Bruttezza wanted no interference from her stepdaughter.

The people loved Belezza, and it was their one hope she would somehow return and take the throne from the cruel, greedy queen, but as time passed it became clear that Belezza must be dead. The kingdom became a forbidding place; no laughter filled the streets.

Yet, in truth Belezza was safely hidden away in a handsome woodsman’s hut and bore him four sons, each one fair and courageous; possessed of wit and magic.

Those strong sons now strive to retake the dark queen’s throne. Will they succeed? Four strong knights embark on the quest perilous.

The Fractal Mirror speaks, revealing all. Queen Bruttezza gathers her forces; dragons, ghouls and trolls.

Who will succeed? First one falls, and then another. At last one lone knight stands before the gate; the youngest and most fair . . .


Alison DeLuca said...

Well done, Connie!

Sam Knight said...

You left me hanging at the good part! Nice feeling of lore here.

Jade said...

Lovely and timeless bit of fairy tale Connie!

Jennifer Rose said...
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Jennifer Rotblatt said...

Entrancing tale - I want to know more!