#3 Accidental Artwork

by Susie Sawyer

Miles stared at the shattered glass. At eight years old, he had little appreciation for art, but the patterns and colors reflected in the broken mirror took his breath away.

How could something broken and destroyed turn into something so beautiful? The shards split into an intricate design, unlike anything he had ever seen before. For several moments, Miles admired the awesome accidental artwork he had created.

His fingers traced the lines, outlining the blocks of color. The point of impact was easy to spot. From there, rays of splintered glass radiated out, forming an elaborate web of shards. It was a masterpiece.

“I did that,” he whispered.

That moment of pride abruptly shattered, just like the glass. Miles’ stomach lurched as he recognized the colorful reflection of his angry mother’s dress.


Gregory S. Lamb PDX Author said...

Nice use of the prompt and super job tying in a realistic story about the minds of creative youth!

Aniket Thakkar said...

Ah, angry mothers. Always curb the creativity of youth. Loved the piece.

Jade said...


Fun read Susie. Incidentally, I misread the final line as "his mother's angry dress." I the formidable conclusion.

Sam Knight said...

Very nice insight into a point of view we have all had, but have mostly forgotten.

Rachel Green said...

Love the wonder in the child's mind.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Ah yes, the wonder of creation doused by the reality of mom's anger. Well done.