#29 Shattered

by Tiffany Jansen

He’s gone. Has been for god only knows how long.

Hours . . . Days . . . Eternity . . .

I can no longer feel him. No longer feel anything.

But then

Then I felt him. His deep blue eyes luring me in. Deep blue water in a dark, dank well. A frigid well with no bottom. But you don’t realize that until you’ve fallen. Until it’s too late.

I felt the electricity of his touch. Hand caressing my cheek. Velvety voice, cajoling, threatening. Manipulating my “No” into a thousand words meaning anything but.

The void of his absence as he flung me to the floor; cold and hard as stone against my cheek. Safe for a fleeting moment until the agonizing pressure of his hand on the side of my head, squashing my face into the ground.

The weight of his body bore down on me, pinned me to the floor as he wrenched my legs apart. Hands fumbling, hiking up my dress, clawing my panties from my body. I giggled like a school girl as he tore into me. Belly-aching laughter shook my body with each thrust, followed by one last hysterical guffaw as I felt his body stiffen, then relax. It was done.

I am a stranger now in this body. I do not know this girl, discarded on the floor, body folded in on itself. She stares, eyes wide open, yet seeing nothing. She is nothing.

A single tear slides down her cheek.

He took all she had, leaving her shattered.


Sam Knight said...

It's hard to comment on a story like this. It can be either deeply personal, or horribly abstract. I can say, I don't know how you wanted this interpreted. Some of the wording makes her sound willing, or receptive, while other parts reveal she is obviously not. This crosses into a very controversial area and your audiences should be carefully screened, or warned, before exposure.

Jade said...

This was very difficult for me to read. Stories about rape and humiliation are already unsettling; the imagery and descriptions here sometimes seem to benefit the villain but I do not know why.

I do not understand if the character is a moth to a flame, deliberately destroying herself. I'm also not sure whether the narration change to 3rd person at the end is intentional. Has she become another person within herself?

I think there is perhaps more to be said about what starts here: I am a stranger now in this body. I do not know this girl... It seems like she has more to say about herself beyond this brutal experience.