#26 Writer’s Retreat

by M. A. Jones

I have come to tell you of a man.

This man came to a cabin here and this man was damaged. Too many women, too much rum, too much money.

The man stayed for days. Feeling sorry for himself. He only got up to go for a walk every day. He believed he was broken.

One day he went for his walk and he came to a meadow of flowers. He could see the stream and he sat down on the flowers. He was wondering what it would be like to be under the water and just stay there.

A bird in a nearby tree began to sing. It sounded sad to him. Another bird answered and they conversed until the second bird came to the same tree. They sang and the man was touched.

Then he couldn’t see the birds. He looked and looked but they were hidden from him. He wanted to see them so much that he opened his eyes wide and an amazing thing happened.

He was one with the tree. One with the birds as they sang together. He raised his head and he saw the stream. He saw the meadow and he saw himself as part of it all.

The man was one with the world and he knew peace inside him.

You are tellers of tales, and when you open yourself the tales will flow from you and great peace will descend.

That is my story for you.


Sam Knight said...

"He was wondering what it would be like to be under the water and just stay there." That is beautiful. And so is your overall point.

Jade said...

A good example of stories as medicine. Thanks M. A.