#23 The Shattered Mirror

by Harmony Stalter

She lived alone in apartment 3c. It was a small quaint place that she decorated herself. It consisted of 2 rooms. An open spaced living room, dining room and kitchen and a bedroom with an attached bathroom. It was not in the best part of the city, but she felt safe there. She lived in an artsy neighborhood. She loved the eccentric people that she was surrounded by. She could step outside her door and see a street performance taking place or find someone painting a portrait on the street. There were singers who would walk the street, gathering crowds wherever they went.

She would purchase paintings from the local artist to decorate her apartment. She had found one painting that she fell completely in love with the moment she saw it. It was a fall scene. It reminded her of her childhood in the country. Living in the city, she did not see the colors of fall anymore. She had placed the painting behind the couch on the east facing wall of her apartment. Across from the painting was a mirror. She placed the mirror there so she could see the painting even when she was not looking directly at it. It was not until she sat down on the couch after a long day at work that she noticed the shattered mirror.

There were two questions that came to her mind. Was she alone in her tiny apartment and how fast could she make it to the door?


Sam Knight said...

Nice construction of the world around her, and so many questions raised about who broke the mirror and why.

Jade said...

Seems like her quiet bubble world is about to pop into sparkly pieces. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you Sam and Jade for your comments. It is really appreciated.