#228 Over in a Flash

by Laura Howe

I am 38, I am special and I will die today. This is not some twisted self-help mantra; it is simply the truth.

I am waiting in the dark and snug chamber of destiny. It is a place rumored to be filled with loud noises, intense heat, swirling smoke and laughter. For me, there is only silence. I feel safe and I look forward to fulfilling my life’s purpose. The sweaty fingers of death have chosen me and I am glad.

As it begins, my world suddenly spins and just as quickly, it stops with a jolt and a snap. I am part of something bigger and together we are tossed about through the air. Muffled voices are heard growing louder and angrier by the second. I feel myself rising up even higher.

For a brief moment, I am still. Then I slowly rotate to the left, a soft click is heard as I spin and a loud click when I stop. From behind me comes a loud snap. A deafening explosion as I am consumed by unbearable heat and pressure. I break free of my body and propel forward into the light. Piercing through the air, I see nothing of this world but a blur of colors. I rip through something soft, crash through glass and bury deep into wood.

My life was over in a flash. What happened? Was it special?


Kurt Hendricks said...

Great study in perspective!

Cath Barton said...

The big question! Good piece.