#220 The Murder of Anna

by Raoul “Lee” Derit

Anna scrambles into her kitchen slamming the door! But strong hands prevent the door from shutting up. With her heart pounding against her chest, she pushes back with all her strength. Suddenly, she was thrown backward, landing on the floor a couple of paces away from the now fully opened door. In front of her stood a man in black leather jacket blocking the door with his huge frame.

Anna freezes, her hands and knees trembling. Before she could think of an escape, the huge man walks toward her. Instinctively, she pushes herself backward until her back slams hard into her oven. Things start falling on the floor. She grabs whatever her hands could get hold of, and hurls it toward her attacker. A bottle of black pepper hits a mirror and cracks it. However, Anna’s attacker doesn’t even wince. She screams, but it’s no use; she’s alone, and there’s no neighbor close enough to hear her.

Soon he was on top of her, his big hands grip her neck! Tighter. Tighter. Tighter.

This can’t be real. Anna, gasping for air, looks into his eyes hoping for a glint of compassion, but there’s none. Instead, his eyes are empty and cold like a machine. She struggles harder with her remaining strength, but it’s no use. Suddenly, it dawns on Anna that there is no escape, that she will die soon.

Why, her mind screams at her attacker. But he just keeps right on. Then the kitchen becomes quiet.

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