#194 Can’t get worse

by Oyila V

The music blared and the crowd cheered louder. They knew who was next. She was the very reason why they were all there.

Like an angel descending from heaven, she walked down the stairs. Hundreds of eyes looked in awe. Watching her strut the runaway was better than anything else that their eyes can behold. Photographers captured her every move, letting their cameras click away to glory . . . click click click. The flash lights blurred her vision, yet she walked with poise wearing a gorgeous pair of black Louboutins. She heard people holler her name “Hailey Hailey”. It brought a smile on her face and she blew a kiss. The crowd hollered even louder.

Her eyes hurriedly raided the crowd. “Where is he?” He was nowhere to be found. Not showing the disappointment on her face, she smiled yet again stealing every single heart.

When she was done for the day, she got back to her private greenroom. She stood staring at herself in the mirror. What she saw was not a beautiful face that bewitched the crowd. She saw a face that failed to steal that one heart she longed for. Tears rolled down, the bleeding mascara stained her cheeks black. She grabbed her “Chanel No 5” and threw it on the mirror. As the shards of glass fell one by one and the acrid smell of perfume filled the room, she silently welcomed her seven years of bad luck. “It can’t get worse than this” she thought.

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