#192 The Other Side of Heaven

by Larry Gibson

“My wife has died, my wife has died, my wife has died.” All day long, every minute of every day he received this message, at the store, at the coffee shop, at home.

He looked ahead and watched Rocco climb up the dusty trail.

“Brad, hurry up. You’ve got to see this.”

Brad trudged up the trail to the top. He stopped in awe as the valley below burst forth with the most vibrant oranges, blues, reds and greens he had ever seen. God’s magic kissed the early morning light as iridescent rays began to make the colors of the valley dance to an eternal music.

“Brad, is this heaven?”

“No. It’s the other side of heaven.”

“OK, can’t wait to see heaven then. Is your wife here?”

“Elijah told me she’s being held in the darkness in the other side of heaven. Satan and his minion of dark angels kidnapped her soul as a taunt to God. She’s in there.” Brad said as he pointed to blackness in the midst of the colors in the valley below.

“Brad, are you sure about this? You think we can actually rescue her?”

“Rocco, you believed me once and we are here. Believe me again and help me free Sarah’s soul.”

Brad’s eyes snapped open. The guttural screams of terror emanated from the other rooms. They’d locked him up. Emotional psychosis and delusions they said. But he knew the truth. Sarah was in purgatory. He had to break out.

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