#187 Party Girl

by Christine Henderson

The wailing of the ambulance siren slowly brought Lauren to consciousness as she lay sprawled on the pavement. She tried to raise her head but a searing pain caused her to fall back. Closing her eyes she tried to make sense of what had happened. Yet her thoughts just kept swirling with the lyrics “My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time.”

She focused harder to try to recall what had happened. As a movie in rewind her recent memories came whirling back. Tonight had been her bachelorette party at The Blue Coyote where her friends teased her with some funny and mildly cutting barbs about her fiancé.

There was something she should remember. Something Tanya teasingly said in her drunken state, “Lauren, you’re not good enough for Brad. He is so hot and a perfect match for me. Remember we had a thing for awhile.”

Then Gina said, “Yeah but that fizzled a long time ago,” and everyone laughed. But she remembered Tanya smiling and shaking her head no.

The rest of the evening faded from her memory until she got out of her car in front of her house. A car was driving down the street and as the window opened she saw a gun. The flash of the bullets slashed into her, slamming her down on the asphalt but not before she saw the license plate “prty girl”—which she realized was Tanya’s just as she passed out one final time.

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