#18 Lascaux Fairy

by Susanna Mahoney

The fairy was hiding behind the tree watching the group of teenagers partying, drinking beer and smoking hash, they were oblivious that they trespassed into the land of the supernatural and disturbed their tranquility. She was the guardian of the colorful portal to the in-between realm and if she had not been naughty and tempered with the auras, to watched them dance, all mixing together to create wondrous artwork, she would have been more alert when the timing was off and the reckless teenagers dare one another to go into the cave to see what wild animal lived there. In their quest they fell upon the portal and stepped through into her fantasy world and now the balance of the two realms were unequal and the portal was in danger of being destroyed, unless she figures out the original pattern and sends the teenagers back through.

She was embarrassed that she let her guard down and now had this major issue to resolve. She had no choice, she whispered to her friends of the woods to come to her aid. All creatures from elves, to goblins and unicorns and in between heard her cry for assistance and arrive to help her. They gathered their forces together and spooked the teenagers to run back through and chanted the ancient spell to adjust the beautiful pastel colors back to their original state of good, of the rainbow colors and the two realms shifted back into full balance and live in peace.


Sam Knight said...

Fantasy is always fun. Magic is, well, magical. Next time, let us come into the world with you, instead of just telling us it is there.
Thanks for sharing your world with us.

Jade said...

Kinda reminds me of chasing an errant hornet out of the house.