#178 The Dragon Eye of Alimsoar

by E. Fallson

His once thick dark mane was now flecked with silver strands, unwanted gifts from years of battling the Eagle and Bison nations. Every fiber in his muscular half lion and half human body reeked of revenge, each one of his deadly claws ached to spill the blood of his enemies. But it was in his heart that he, Barzuth of the Lion nation, yearned for peace and a warrior’s death. A dragon monk appeared and Barzuth reigned in his emotions and knelt down.

“What brings you to Theos Mountain?” the dragon monk asked. Barzuth waited for permission before rising to his feet. “Rise and speak freely.”

“You know why I’m here,” Barzuth said, posturing himself upright. “I must unite the Tri Nations to defeat the Zukon Empire. But only the Eye of Alimsoar can show me how.”

“You wish to gaze into the Eye? You know such a request can cost you your life.”

“I will take that risk for the sake of my home and my kingdom.”

“Very well, brave one.”

The large bronze iris in the center of the floor opened. From the dark pit rose the skeletal remains of Alimsoar, a once powerful dragon that dominated the skies of Edenlorn. Nestled in the left orb of the dragon’s skull lay the translucent eye. Legend said it was made of cosmic glass capable of reflecting future events to worthy souls. Barzuth slowly approached the orb and for the first time, he saw the dawning effulgence of hope.

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