#173 The Truth About Eternity

by Caroline Zarlengo Sposto

I didn’t recognize the Grim Reaper. He wore kahkis and a black polo shirt with an embroidered sickle where a little alligator emblem might be.

“Call me Larry,” he said, shaking my hand. He then reached into his pocket and added, "here's my card.”

“Larry––” I began.

"Excuse me. Sorry, Just one moment," he said, taking out his iPhone and responding to a text.

He ushered me onto a crowded shuttle bus. It had a dirty, beige interior. An air freshener shaped like a pine tree dangled from the rear view mirror.

Everyone got out near a bank of touch screen kiosks. The lines were long.

I cried a bit. I wasn't prepared for death to be this impersonal.


R. Jennifer Aillen said...

Very vivid. Love the "Call me Larry" bit.

Clara said...

Absolutely loved it!