#170 An Authentic Viewing Experience

by RJ Rugroden

Sara grasped the iTunes gift card, a wedding gift, like it was gold, and tried to settle into a metal folding chair while wrapping her cold fingers around a mug of tea. Her husband, John, did the same beside her as they both peered at the archaic computer monitor, waiting for iTunes to load. Newly married life had started out great, and it was the life she had always dreamed about. But John hadn’t been able to find a job since, and now they had no TV, no cable and no video games. The last summer was spent in sticky, sweaty doldrums as she dreamed about when the new season of Dr. Who would come out. Tonight, the September air was cold, and the only entertainment they could afford was about to come after months of waiting.

Suddenly, Sara realized she had set the card down, and the cat had claimed it as a chew toy. She jumped up, knocking over the lamp which crashed straight into the monitor. She recovered the card, but the next six months was spent watching Dr. Who through cracked glass. John said he liked it better that way. It made it seem more alien.

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Flutterby said...

John is, without a doubt, a true optimist. Love that!