#169 The Car Window

by Monica Paul

David thought that this was his last day on earth. He could hear the sound of the ambulance and policemen out of his car embedded in a tree.

“God! Help me please! I like here! I don’t want to go yet.” He thought.

He felt a voice inside of him, it was not his, but coming from inside. “Everything will be alright, close your eyes, meditate . . .”

David closed his eyes, and focused on his breathing, he was breathing, he was alive. He concentrated on the air coming in and out of his lungs, he felt his chest moving; his body was relaxing and the pain diminished. He felt life flowing all along his cells, and stress disappeared. Faith and confidence invaded him.

“Everything will be alright, I am alive.” He thought.

He could see brightly colored energy bubbles floating around him. These bubbles were energizing his body and soul. He felt God’s presence and a sense of happiness invaded him.

David opened his eyes and could see the energy bubbles outside shaping like shiny figures through the crashed glass of the car’s window. Just the golden light of the saw cutting the car’s door could be seen in the bottom area.

David closed his eyes again with this image in his mind, he felt safe and relaxed.

“He is alive! Take him out! Said the rescue man.

Once in the ambulance the Paramedic told him. “Don’t worry buddy, everything will be alright.”

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