#163 That One Time Behind the Bike-Shed

by S. Bell

My first day of year twelve. It’s cliché, but I’ll never forget it.

Emma had broken up with Josh over the summer; since we all had second period free, she and I had secreted ourselves behind the bike-shed. This wasn’t the stereotypical make-out site it is in other schools — so I was really not expecting it when she kissed me. Maybe it was just a weird rebound, but honestly? I’d been imagining myself in Josh’s place for months. I wasn’t about to complain — besides, it wasn’t like anyone would see us there.

Of course, that thought perfectly coincided with our headmistress’ arrival. Emma and I froze, but Mrs. Vos said only, “The bell for third period will be going soon, girls.” She didn’t order us to her study, but by lunchtime I was in such a state that I marched myself there anyway.


“Are you going to call my parents?”

She actually laughed. “If I called the parents of every student I found kissing, I’d never be off the telephone!”

“So. . . we’re not in any trouble . . ?”

She glanced at some papers. “Well, as I don’t see your names listed as absent, I assume you had second period spare and were not wagging. . . so I’d say you’re not in any trouble, Miss Patel, because you did nothing wrong in the first place.” She looked at me, her gaze firm but not entirely terrifying. I’ll never forget that look, her words, what she was telling me. “Alright?”

More than.


Whipchick said...

What a cool moment. I like the narrator's sense of fear that turns to empowerment.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. I love the fact that you got two clear scenes into 250 words, and how what was unspoken at the end comes through.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I really loved the dialogue in this - a nice, neat story that left us wanting something more.

n3m3sis42 said...

Wow! You packed so much into a small number of words. I really loved the ending. :D

Jeremiah Murphy said...

I'm totally curious as to how Emma lured the narrator to the back of the shed. Cookies?

lilycobalt said...

Of course the headmistress wound up arriving. Good for her for making sure the narrator knew she had done nothing wrong!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done! I like how unexpected this is to the narrator (found fortune), and then the middle arc of tension followed by happy relief. :)