#161 The Last Flower

by Whirlochre

I have never felt so alive.

My heartskip breath
speaks of more
than mere lungs and air.
It flows into the swell
of all I see
and returns aglow
with glimmering heart.

I am as the bloom’s colours here,
my shell etched
with their being,
my short life’s promise kept,
awaiting song.


“Unblend everything in Gara?”
“Down to the last particle, yes.”
“Then where to?”
“Flip it straight here. We’re processing tonight.”
“np. Just hope there’s enough.”
“There’s never enough. The aurora dims by the hour and we’re struggling to save her. When you’re done, we’ll take Merrissar and the smaller bioworlds.”


Encrypted Verified Host said: I’m scared.
Encrypted Verified Procreation Operative said: Please relax. We can’t risk damage to the womb. It’s where we think the baby will come. Ready?
Encrypted Verified Host issued POSITIVE RESPONSE.
Encrypted Verified Procreation Operative said: Look into the lights. The creatures you will see in a moment are called insects. Copy everything they do and pray for a child.


I am the brightest of beacons,
bathed in this chromoscope moment
of petal and leaf.

When I am done feeding here
I will pick you from the swarm,
my love,
beat my wings
for you
till day’s end.


Anonymous said...

Whirl, you leave me speechless, every time.

Flutterby said...

Intriguing format and interesting enough it left me speculating on it for a while.