#137 Missing Middles and Drivel

by Gary B. Smart

Father read my bedtime tales as written until he found missing middles and drivel. The Three Little Pigs I knew by heart; so he cut out the middle part. “Once upon a time there were three little pigs and the wolf burnt his tail.” was all I heard. What a whale of a missing middle tale! He said Goldilocks should be jailed and left it at this: “There were three bears and Goldilocks ran all the way home.” The missing middle was let out to roam. Oh, I could go on and on with more missing middles, but let’s look at the Sleeping Beauty drivel. She and that silly prince made up pure bunk about her sleeping in the woods waiting to be kissed. That frog scared wee-wee out of her. Father did not want to get started about that tricky Little Red Riding Hood and the poor slandered wolf. The very thought of weird Snow White living with those seven maladjusted little men gave him the shivers. Mary had a little lamb and that pesky little rascal followed her to school. What about that old lady living in a shoe with children. Living in a shoe? Drivel. Jack Sprat ate no fat, just lean. The truth is he made his wife eat the fat. That’s mean. “Drivel. Drivel. Drivel,” said he.

I think Father made up missing middles and drivel to have more time to play his fiddle.

For more missing middles and drivel, go to: MissingMiddlesAndDrivel.Not.

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