#129 Stealing Beauty

by Gita M. Smith

Today is Friday, which is necklace day. I do so enjoy the feeling of gold chains and smooth pearls draped over my body. You know, sometimes I recline in the bath, trailing necklaces over all my hills and dales. And cock.
Sometimes I arrange them according to the dates I acquired them, the oldest twisted around my ankles and the newest over my head, dripping down my face.

I like the sharp, hard surfaces of diamonds against my teeth. Don’t you?

Aww. You’re not talking to me?
Is that because I’m not sharing my jewels?
Oh wait, I know. You’re not talking because I’ve taped your mouth shut.
You shouldn’t have made such a fucking ruckus when you found me in your house. You could have let me take your tiara, waited till I was down the street, and then dialed your insurance agent.
But let’s not quarrel. Let’s have a jewelry quiz!

What is this gemstone right here? What’s that you say?
Nope. Wrong, wrong and wrong. It’s a black opal, set in platinum. The nice lady who used to own it didn’t make a fuss. Of course, she happened to be vacationing in the Pyrenees at the time I came across it.

My love for jewelry is pure. I never fence anything.
You see, it’s not about the money: It’s about the beauty. I just can’t resist beauty.
Mercy, I hope you’ll stick around for a while.
Tomorrow is bracelet day, and Sunday is all about earrings.


scribbleandedit.blogspot.co.uk said...

Now that's a chilling tale.I like how you lead us in like those innocent victims...

Anonymous said...

Chilling is an understatement. By using the first-person narrator, you've elevated this to creep factor 10. Outstanding!

Harry said...

I'm picturing Buffalo Bill (from Silence Of The Lambs, not the Wild West Show) clutching his pearls and taunting his victim. Creepy but captivating character here, Gita!

Another Government Employee said...

Makes you wonder exactly how he is going to use those necklaces.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Makes me wonder how long she'll last and how she'll die. Creepily done!

Gita Smith said...

Thanks to all for your comments. If any of you have a spare black opal lying around that you don't want anymore, my address is.....

Unknown said...

Wow. Creepy. I love that everything, including the victim's speech, is filtered through the POV. Well done.