#107 Life’s Kaleidoscope

by Paul E. Hicks

I found myself hovering in space, stars as far as the eye could see. The distance seemed so vast yet I felt like all I had to do was reach out and grab one. Time, space, distance all those things that I measure my existence with. They seem so trivial here.

I reached out and grabbed the first star that I saw and held it there in my hand. Something so huge and yet there it floated.

I reached and grabbed another star and held it, then another and another still. There was always room in my hand. I reached again, this time grabbing multitudes until there was none left. They floated in my palm.

I cupped my hands together. The cluster of stars held there like a firefly.

I peeked in to see my prize. It was then that I saw the colors form. I touched blue and happy memories flooded through me. Green was next, the hard work of my life flashed before me. Red . . . a torrent of loss . . . tears rained down washing the stars.

I opened my palms letting out the firefly. It scattered into thousands of moments in my life. It left behind a pane of shattered colors. Choices made both good and bad webbed their way through those colorful moments.

A warm glow wrapped around me. It was a star brighter than all the others, a star that gave sustenance to all the little ones.

My experiences, my life, my soul . . . My Kaleidoscope.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. I got a star/space vibe from the photograph as well.

Paul (#109)

scribbleandedit.blogspot.co.uk said...

What a lovely exploration of the theme.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Beautiful. Loved the imagery.

Wendy said...

Very nice, Paul. I especially like the part about peeking to see the prize. ---Wendy from writing group