#104 Screams

by David Hicks

I heard Mom’s and I saw her eyes get big they were like, um, mirrors and her eyes were yelling at me and she was covering her ears and she and you know the way she makes it so my door can’t open I get so mad I tried to open it but it didn’t open and at first there were all kind of colors like yellow green and red and it was really pretty but Duane was scared and I was scared too so I opened the window but then the water came in fast it was really cold and I had an accident and I swallowed so I couldn’t scream anymore and Duane kept pulling at my arm and it was hurting me and I wanted to be like Dad and say Soldier it’ll be OK or even I wanted to hit him like Mom does but I was scared too and I didn’t want to be such a good big brother or such a good big boy I just wanted my Mom that’s all I just wanted so MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! but it was in my head and I couldn’t see her anymore and anyway she was covering her ears.

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Sarah Laurenson said...

Major stream of consciousness. Very interesting. Good job.