#102 The Hate

by Catina Tanner

I just stood there in the rain. My clothes began to stick to my body and my skin began to shrivel. But I felt nothing. I felt only the hole blown through my heart. I felt the throbbing of his three words replaying over and over in my head as he shouted them through the closed door.

I wanted him to say it. My days. My life. These were my precious possessions and he contaminated them with his toxic love.

I knew he carried this hate for me in his heart for years. It oozed from his pores and spit on my self-confidence like a piece of street trash. He was too weak to look into the eyes of honesty and say what was in his heart. Instead, he tried to kill with his poisonous words and venomous attitude. But he was too scared of how the eyes of the world would then perceive him.

I stood there convulsing in the rain. A hole in my heart and I was left with nothing. I dropped to my knees as a numb peacefulness pushed me to the ground. I could finally feel each raindrop as it stroked my face and whispered me to sleep. I opened my eyes one last time and I looked at the crimson hole. I held my heart until it grew too weak. I closed my eyes, the rain embraced me and the hate ceased with the last beat of my broken heart.

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