#101 Karma

by Guru

Sam was lying dead on the grass, with his mouth open. His throat seemed swollen. It must have been a big bone—apparently, he had choked. The bon-fire that Sam created a while ago was still alive, illuminating the lake. Even the aroma of the delicious dinner that he had cooked for himself and Jake, his buddy, was still in the air—the police had no difficulty smelling it.

Upon interrogation, old Jake, who was filled with grief, pointed to Lake Wilson and said, “That’s where we fished this afternoon. It was strange; for some reason, he was letting go of every fish he caught. After catching a really big fish, he said he wanted to end this game once and for all, and that he will never fish again. He was right.”

(2 Years Later, in a Local Newspaper)

Choking Man Dies March 01, 2005

COLBERT COUNTY, ALABAMA—A 60-Year old man, who was reportedly fishing at Lake Wilson on Sunday, choked on a fish bone and died. As the bone was firmly wedged in his airway, Jake was dead on arrival at a local hospital.

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