Lascaux Flash 2012

Submissions open in . . .

On behalf of the editors at The Lascaux Review, welcome to the first annual Lascaux Flash Fiction Contest!

The Rules:

Using the photo prompt below, compose a work of short fiction, maximum length 250 words. The prompt is for inspiration only; entries will not be judged on how well they relate to it. Title is not included in the word count.

One entry per person. Submissions open at noon U.S. eastern time on 8 September and close two weeks later, at midnight on 22 September (the Autumnal Equinox). Email your submission as an attached Word document (preferred), or in the body of the email, to

All entries should look like this:

The Title of Your Story

by Your Name

Story begins, single spaced, with a blank line between paragraphs, and no unconventional formatting . . .

We will post entries on this site in the order they arrive. If you wish to contribute a story but do not want to compete for the prize, declare so in your submission. We’ll treat you as a guest writer.

Contest participants grant Lascaux the right to publish their entries. Authors retain copyright of their work. The editors and advisory board of The Lascaux Review will collectively select finalists and a winner, all of whom will be announced simultaneously as soon as decisions are made.

The winner receives $250 (a dollar a word) as well as the virtual medal depicted here, along with the right to display it on his or her online venues. The winning entry will be published in The Lascaux Review.

Comments will be open for each entry. Readers and contestants alike are invited and encouraged to comment supportively and constructively.

Please spread the word. About the contest as well as the Review. It's pronounced lass-CO. We're new, but we're here to stay.